L16″xW12″xH16″ Molten glass on Driftwood terrarium


L16″xW12″xH16″ Molten glass on Driftwood Arrangement-SAME DAY SHIPPING- air plants, succulents terrarium, flowers vase, unique centerpiece

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As an Eco-friendly architect / designer, I want to create health and wellness in your home or office, the design of your home may prove to be just as important as your diet, sleep habits or exercise routine. This is the premise behind Twice The Style design – the idea that incorporating natural elements into your living space, such as wood or plants, can actually improve overall health.

This stunning, double molten art glass vases brings the best of two worlds together: natural and man-made; earthy and chic; practical and spiritual.

The base is driftwood from Indonesia, where their artisans drape it with a hand blown glass vase, which transforms on an unique, organic form adapting to the corners and ridges of the natural wood, the glass bowl has a lava-like effect. On its own, the piece is an unique, statement and sculptural accent for any room, but it can be put to use as well. It provides one-of-a-kind setting for stones and air plants, cut flowers, fish tank or a wine decanter. Because of the nature of the materials, all Listing photos are exactly what you will receive, no two will ever be alike.

Dimensions aprox.
Weight 9 lb

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Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 15 x 19 in


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