Driftwood Arrangement with Air plants


Driftwood Arrangement with Air plants – SAME DAY SHIPPING- unique centerpiece, wonderful gift


As an Eco-friendly architect / designer, I want to create health and wellness in your home or office, the design of your home may prove to be just as important as your diet, sleep habits or exercise routine. This is the premise behind Twice The Style design – the idea that incorporating natural elements into your living space, such as wood or plants, can actually improve overall health.

The beautiful air plants, inserted in natural driftwood, create a stunning piece of living artwork and no two are alike. Each beach driftwood is artfully arranged to hold a garden of live air plants (such as T. BRACHYCAULOS MULTIFLORA). Display it as an statement on your favorite room or as a beautiful table centerpiece.

Various air plants are inserted in a beautiful driftwood. Please note the air plants and wood log on this arrangement may differ in color, size and texture due to availability and season. I will try my best to match the colors and textures.

Because of the nature of the materials, all Listing photos are exactly what you will receive, no two will ever be alike. Specific styling and air plants/wood choices are at designer’s discretion.

No Soil! No Mess! Air plants are the easiest plants to keep! Just spray with water.
Air Plant shipped carefully wrapped bare root.


Tillandsia brachycaulos produces a strikingly brilliant color display during flowering. A cluster of violet blooms emerges from the center of a bright cherry red rosette of graceful, slender leaves. If given bright light, the entire plant changes color from green to red at the onset of flowering. This epiphytic Tillandsia is found growing in dry woods and deserts of Mexico and Central America, where it is pollinated by hummingbirds.

Care Information

Prevent them from direct sun in summer, especially during warm hours.
In winter, find a luminous place. Put them inside or outside in summer when the weather is fine. Can live in a wide range of temperature, from 10°C to 30°C.
This variety likes to be showed with water approximately twice a week (when humidity is 60%-70%).

30 Day Air Plant Guarantee.

Dimensions aprox

L17″ W 8″ H 10″

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